Animal Crossing Scorpion Game Review

Animal Crossing Scorpion Game Review

Animal Crossing Scorpion Game Review

The Scorpion is one of my all time favorite cartoon animals and has been one of the favorites of my kids since they were a toddler. I have always felt that the way animals acted in cartoons made them more “cool”, and that the ones that followed in the footsteps of Shrek were the ones that were interesting. Animal Crossing on the other hand is not a kid’s cartoon per se, it is an on-line game that is very addictive, and requires a lot of logic. In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, the task in this version is to create a friendship bridge by crossing between four different towns.

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When the game starts you are in your own home town, and your goal is simple and yet quite challenging. You will need to plant trees and flowers to expand your town and gain as many friends as you can. To do so, you will need to go to each of the four different towns and do a little bit of puzzle solving, while keeping in mind that animals are available in each town.

As the game moves along, you will encounter new animals and be forced to solve puzzles to add them to your town. The puzzles are not really difficult, but do take a fair amount of concentration. You will also notice that the animals are placed in certain areas of your town and thus need to be used in a certain order to fully accomplish your goal.

The controls are relatively simple, and the action is pretty smooth. You move your cursor over the screen to view the animals, and when you click on an animal it will move to the corresponding location on the map. Moving the cursor over an empty square will pop up a pop up window that shows you where that spot is, and what animals are inside of it. Like the majority of the games in this series, the picture is randomly generated every time you load up the game. This means that no two runs will ever be alike, so it is possible to get lost and have to start over if you aren’t careful.

The story is based on the premise of a boy who has an unruly pet named Scorpion. Much to his friends dismay, Scorpion also has some sort of supernatural powers. You help the boy to train his new pet and fight off evil characters in the blink of an eye. It all sounds pretty interesting, and it is, but this game requires a lot of patience and time to be fully enjoyed.

Once you finish the game you unlock a special avatar with a different appearance, and a whole new set of weapons and magic attacks. Each of these items can only be obtained by winning a level, so spending a little time early on mastering the basics will help you progress through the levels faster. The main storyline is spread out over eight different chapters, so you will never be bored with the story, and will always find something to keep you hooked on. In addition, this game has some really nice sound effects, and although it isn’t as interactive as other flash games, it still makes for a good idea to try out in the background while you work.

A puzzle element is also added to the game along with a few new animals to meet. For example, there is a snake in the game, which must be defeated before you move on to the next one. Also, different animals are placed in certain spots, and the puzzle solving has to go from left to right in order to move on to the next one. One particular level includes a bear that can break walls, and a lion that can flatten any terrain obstacles in its path. As you progress through the different stages you will notice that your skills improve as well, and you will become able to solve more difficult puzzles, like getting rid of a wall or clearing a room.

The fact that this game is Flash-based means that it is easier for people to play than most other flash games. There are also no limits when it comes to how many people can play at once, so everyone can have fun playing this game together. Overall, the game is fun for both kids and adults, with different paths to follow and different levels to complete as you progress through it. If you enjoy puzzles, love animals and enjoy having fun, then Animal Crossing Scorpion might be the perfect game for you.