How to Draw a Banana – Step by Step Instructions

How to Draw a Banana – Step by Step Instructions

Are you wondering how to draw a banana? If so you will find that learning how to draw a banana is easier than you think. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, banana skin is thick and it isn’t that hard to come up with a nice looking banana. Let’s start off by taking a look at some basic tips on how to draw a banana.

how to draw a banana

Step 1: Take your pencil or marker and start by sketching out a circle or oval. How to Draw a Banana Peel: Step 2: Now it’s time to add in the details, starting with the most obvious parts, the outer edges of the banana. The first step here is to make an outline, or polygon, of your banana. For this, draw 2 straight lines at equal intervals and then widen them with another straight line for a thick shape. You can make use of different color schemes here to enhance the overall look of your artwork.

Step 3: After your outline is complete draw in your background. This is done using a darker colored drawing paper and then once you have finished filling in your drawing just smooth out the areas between the two panels. To do this just wet out your brush with water and trace around your banana. Go to step 4. How to Draw a Banana Skirt

Step 4: The next step is to start adding details to your banana, and here’s how to draw a banana skirt! For now just make sure that your drawing looks like a skirt. After your skirt has been added, put on a piece of paper and draw along the bottom edge of the skirt. Then move on to your second step and add your signature style or colors. Again wet out your graphite pencil and trace around your skirt.

Step 5: Now to give your banana a curvy look draw a curved line right underneath where your foot meets the middle of the banana (where your toes would be). Now curve the middle out a bit so that your foot now points towards the front of the banana. Next put a line right below this line. This is your waistline. Now draw two curving lines going down the side of your hips to create a slightly rounded shape at the front of your banana.

Step 6: The last part of how to draw a banana is to add your facial features. First draw your nose. Then draw a square about half way down from your eye line. Curve this line out a bit so that your nose now points a little bit upwards. Add a curved line at about one inch from the top of your nose.

Step 7: The final step to learning how to draw a banana is to draw your ears. Start by taking a Dremel tool and grinding away at the front and sides of your ear. Add a cone shaped piece of 0.1 ink liners along the top and bottom of your ear. Curve this line out a bit so that it now points down towards your chin. Finally add a straight lined pencil as a guideline to guide you to get the best placement of your ears. Apply a little bit of pressure and then erase any excess ink.

The final step to learning how to draw a banana is to finish off with adding your favorite fruit or candy. To do this you will need to cut out a circle the same size as your desired fruit. Next add a long thin piece of string that comes down the center of the circle. Make sure your string is not too thick, or else it will make the fruit look sparse. Draw a series of banana hatches on your string and then connect them to one another.