How to Draw Realistic Lips

How to Draw Realistic Lips

How to draw real lips? Are you a beginner drawing artist or just want to learn how to draw real lips for your art? If your answer is yes then this how to draw realistic lips tutorial is just for you. In this tutorial we are going to learn how to draw real lips from beginning to end in 10 simple steps.

Step One: In the how to draw realistic lips snapguide, in the first step you are going to need to gather some basic tools like crayons, pencils, fine tipped pens, whiteout, lip pencils and markers, and of course your mouthpiece. These tools will help you create the lip look that you want. In the next two steps we are going to use the same supplies but this time we will use different colors like black and gray for the lip liner and pencils in black for the color of the gloss on our lips. Also in this step we will be using different sizes of lips to practice different expressions. Practice both the inner and outer most creases of the lips until you get a good-looking expression.

Step Two: For the next step you are going to start creating the first outline of your lips. First draw a thin line along the base of your chin just outside of your mouth and a little inside to make sure that you don’t cover your actual mouth. Next draw a second line inside for your mouth width and curvature. You should have a nice idea of how your new layer looks now just fill in your sketch layer with color.

Step Three: Now that you have created your first line of color draw a third line inside for the width of your lips and creases. You need to use a light shade so that your lips stand out and not blend into the rest of your face. Using a dark or bold color will make your lips blend into your face making it appear more severe. Repeat these steps for each of your creases.

Step Four: To finish off your drawing of how to draw realistic lips you need to make a rough sketch of how your upper lip should look. Using a highlighter color at the base of your upper lip and a darker shade of the brush, you will be able to highlight your upper lip. Once you are happy with your results, draw a second low lighter and darker brush over your first one to blend it in.

Step Five: Now it is time to do a few simple sketches of how your lower and middle lips look. Repeat the previous steps but this time draw in a darker shade for your lower lips and lighter brush for the middle ones. If you have any white lines that run through your mouth, then use a pencil to fill in those. Then do the same thing for your lower lip only you will be using a black brush. For your middle and lower lips do the same things but this time use a light blue pencil and draw a thin line for the border of your mouth.

Step Six: At this point you are ready to move on to the last but important part of learning how to draw. This step is how to draw an eye. Using a dark black marker to draw a thin line about half inches outside of your eye. Repeat the same steps for your eyebrow and eyelashes as well.

When you are done you simply want to add in a few highlights by using light colored pencils. You can do this using the same black marker that you used for the eyebrows. Make sure that your eyelashes are lined up before you put in the last step. The best way to learn how to draw women’s lips is to start simple and work your way up. Once you get good at drawing people and animals you can start doing more complicated drawings.