How to Upgrade Benthic

How to Upgrade Benthic

How to Upgrade Benthic Gears in Aion

If you want to know how to upgrade benthic gear, then the best way to do that is to grind some Gear or just go out and purchase some new ones. In this guide we will explain how to get benthic gear faster by using crystallized elements. Crystals are the best way to keep up with the latest trends in the MMORPG world. Since so many people have started playing here today, there are all sorts of new gear coming out constantly. If you want to keep up, you have to be able to equip yourself with the best.

how to upgrade benthic gear


There are different kinds of benthic gears but the two most used are the Benthic Gloves and Benthic Helmets. The former is a rare gear that only a few people actually use, but it’s still quite valuable. To upgrade your Benthic equipment, you need to use crystallized elements to craft a brand new pair of Benthic Gloves and other such items. Upgrading your gloves doesn’t affect your Benthic proficiency at all. However, upgrading to a full set of full leather helmets will raise your stealth detection level and give you extra damage resistance against light armor penetration.

Now, when we talk about how to upgrade Benthic Gears, we can’t forget the Gloves. If you’ve already done it before, then you should have a couple of pairs lying around. These can be sold for a lot of gold, so make sure you look them over before you sell them. If you don’t have any pairs lying around, then you will have to make more than one pair. You can then sell the crystallized parts of these to vendors for a nice sum. Once you have done this, you will be able to purchase crystallized elements to add to your current set.

A very popular way of how to upgrade benthic gears is through crafting a Benthic Armor. This can be done by combining together a couple of other pieces of gear to form an effective Benthic Suit. A good example of gear that can be used for crafting a Benthic Armor is a pair of Chlorophyll suits. You should know that a Chlorophyll suit has an invisible shield that protects you from light. Since you don’t really need light protection, you might want to skip using Chlorophyll gear and use something else, like Drell gear or some other similar gear.

You can also farm crystallized elements for profit. When you get some of these elements in the game, sell them at the Auction Hall. Keep in mind however that there are certain items that are only available during certain seasons. For example, crystallized sulfur can only be obtained during the Summer season. It’s important to make sure that you’re buying these items when they’re on sale or low in supply so that you won’t pay too much for them when they suddenly drop down in price.

If you’re looking for how to upgrade benthic gears fast, you may consider using an Ankh mask. These masks can be found as rewards for a quest in the Hatching Pup campaign. Once you complete the quest, speak with Zhiel in the Valley of Sorrow to learn how to use the Ankh mask. The mask will transform your pet into a fierce looking Benthic Gear. Although this is one of the best methods of how to upgrade benthic gears, it’s also one of the most dangerous.

If you’re on a low level and have no intention of doing any “for fun” grinding, then you may want to consider purchasing crystallized Benthic gears. Crystallized gear is basically a stronger version of the crystallized sulfur which can be found while on quests. These crystallized gears are generally more expensive than their sulfur counterparts. Since they take quite some time to break down, it’s best to keep in mind that it’s going to be a bit more difficult to find these after you have started playing the game. The good thing is that once you do find them, you will notice that the prices have greatly increased since there are now a supply and demand imbalance in Aion.

If you are new to Aion and want to know how to upgrade benthic gears, consider using crystallized gear instead. This way, you will have a head start and won’t have to worry about getting started on a low level quest. It’s also much easier to farm for crystallized gear compared to crystallized sulfur since these are just naturally found while on higher levels. As long as you remember to pick up the right kind of weapons, you will have no trouble making the most out of your Aion game. Good luck!

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